In this course the focus will be on the abstract and mathematical foundation of chemistry. Chemistry is a college-preparatory course intended to lay the foundation for future work in the science and humanities. It is a challenging elective course designed as an introduction to the world of chemistry. This course is highly recommended to the college-bound or technical school student. This course provides excellent mathematical preparation for college chemistry, AP Chemistry or other advanced science courses. Emphasis is placed on the use of chemical language and the ability to manipulate data. Early units familiarize students with chemical experimentation, lab safety and the language of chemistry. Later units delve into atomic theory, stoichiometry, gas laws, periodicity and the periodic table, the electromagnetic spectrum and descriptive chemistry.

Safety Contract MUST be signed by the student, as well as parent(s)/guardian(s) before participating in labs.

Starting With Safety from Saddleback Chemistry on Vimeo.

Below is a list of units that we will be covering in chemistry:
Unit 1: Behavior of Gases
Unit 2: Matter and Change
Unit 3: Scientific Measurement & Dimensional Analysis
Unit 4: Atomic Structure
Unit 5: Electron Behavior & Periodic Trends
Unit 6: Chemical Names & Formulas
Unit 7: Chemical Quantities: The Mole
Unit 8: Chemical Reactions: Patterns & Predictions
Unit 9: Chemical Calculations: Stoichiometry
Unit 10: Thermochemistry
Unit 11: Bonding & Intermolecular Forces
Unit 12: The Nature of Matter & State Changes