Chemical Reactions: Patterns & PredictionsFoamingBeakerCartoon.jpg

Enduring Understandings:
  • a chemical equation is an abbreviated chemical representation for a chemical change.
  • during a chemical change, atoms are conserved.
  • there are various types of chemical reactions and the results of chemical reactions can be predicted based on identifying the reaction type.
  • because many reactions occur in water, a chemical equation represents the chemical change occurring in solution which may be unseen.

Learning Targets:
  • Explain how to balance a chemical equation
  • Write word and skeleton equations using appropriate symbols.
  • Identify the five general reaction types
  • Explain how to use the solubility rules to predict states of matter in chemical equations
  • Predict products for all 5 reaction types.
  • Explain the difference between complete and incomplete combustion

Balancing Reactions is key to success in this unit. Practice makes perfect!!!!! Here are some assignments to help with balancing and writing equations:
Both assignments may be assigned as homework.

Order of reaction types taught in class:
1. Combination/Synthesis
2. Decomposition
3. Combustion
4. Single Replacement
5. Double Replacement