Chemical Quantities: The Mole

Diagram above is the "Mole Road Map" which is a tool to help identify conversion factors to use and how to use those conversion factors.
Enduring Understandings:

  • the mole is a counting unit and can be represented as a conversion factor
  • chemical substances can be measured by counting particles, determining mass, and determining volume
  • the mass of one mole of an element is equivalent to its atomic mass
  • percent composition refers to the relative size of parts that make up 100 percent of something
  • empirical and molecular formulas are determined from chemical quantities

Learning Targets:
I can...
  • explain why the mole is used as a counting unit in chemistry
  • explain the relationship between atomic mass and molar mass for an element vs a compound
  • accurately use molar mass as a conversion
  • determine percent composition and use it as a conversion factor
  • explain the difference between empirical and molecular formula
  • calculate empirical and molecular formula

Introducing the mole

The following activity it used to introduce the concept of the mole and how the mole is used.