Astronomy Home

In this course the focus will be on the history of astronomy, light and the electromagnetic spectrum, earth and it's moon, our sun and other stars, stellar evolution, planets of our solar system, distant galaxies and space exploration.

Students will explore these concepts through hands-on investigations using laboratory skills, computer simulations, and the use of the school observatory.

Below is a list of units that we will be covering in Astronomy:
Unit 1: Scientific Process
Unit 2: Light
Unit 3: History
Unit 4: Telescopes
Unit 5: Earth's Motions
Unit 6: The Moon
Unit 7: The Sun
Unit 8: Stars and Galaxies

The essential questions addressed throughout this course include:

How are astronomy themes related to progress and technology?

How is earth and space science relevant to our daily lives?

How have major ideas in the earth and space science evolved over time?

How has science been impacted by the contributions of others?

How can evidence be used to draw conclusions and make predictions?

How is critical thinking used to problem solve?